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You’d Never Know This Creamy Chocolate Mousse Is Vegan – Food


Healthy foodies have introduced us to a variety of clever ways to make recipes more wholesome with the addition of unexpected ingredients. Using cauliflower instead of flour as a low-carb alternative to your classic pizza crust. Mixing egg whites into oatmeal for an extra fluffy bite (and protein). Swapping in avocado for butter in baked goods to make creamy recipes that are packed with healthy fats. We’d say these foodie experts know what they’re doing. So why not embrace the latest trend and add aquafaba to your desserts? And if you’re thinking, “Aqua-what?” we’ve got the lowdown for you.

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Aquafaba is the cloudy liquid at the top of a can of chickpeas, or the water that’s left behind after you boil bagged pulses (think: beans, lentils, peas). Yes, really. The thick, soupy stuff you probably pour down the drain after you’ve removed your favorite protein-packed legumes from the can is actually a vegan’s dream ingredient. It fluffs up when blended and takes on the consistency of whipped egg whites or cream, making it perfect for using in dairy-free desserts.

Take this vegan chocolate mousse, for example. Made from aquafaba along with coconut oil, dark chocolate, and a touch of maple syrup, the sweet treat is full of ingredients you can actually feel good about eating. We also added a little sea salt, vanilla extract, and instant coffee to deepen the flavors without adding excess calories. Can you say ‘yum?’ 

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In this video, we’re showing you how to put the leftover liquid to good use by making a decadent dessert you’ll love. Trust us, the hardest part of the recipe is letting the mousse refrigerate for an hour. 

Curious how to work with the surprising ingredient? Watch the video above and you’ll see why you should be adding aquafaba to your healthy dishes ASAP. 

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