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The Best Morning Sex Tips


Morning sex has a lot going for it. For starters, it’s an easy, snuggly, sexy way to start your day. Then there’s the mood boost and the sense of closeness it brings you.

“An orgasm in the morning boosts levels of hormones like serotonin and oxytocin to make you feel more connected to your partner all day long,” says Emily Morse, doctor of human sexuality and creator and host of the podcast Sex with Emily. Plus, your guy probably already has an erection, which happens naturally thanks to a rise in testosterone levels. so he’s ready to go.

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Yet as appealing as it is, an a.m. sex session can be hard to pull off. For most people, mornings are hurried and frantic. Once you finally wake after a couple of hits of the snooze button, you’re probably in a sprint to hit the shower and launch your day.

But there’s a way to make morning sex a regular part of your routine, even when you and your partner don’t have a lot of time. It’s all about getting it on in ways that feel less rushed and more intimate, so you make the most of the minutes. Tonight, set your alarm 10 minutes early, then wake up and test-drive these pleasure positions.

Slow-motion spooning

This morning-sex move maximizes your time because it’s simple to get into—you’re both already in bed together; you just need to get a bit closer. To get started, scoot together tightly in the spoon position, changing it up a bit by reclining on your side with your legs closed, one leg stacked on top of the other.

With your partner right behind you and your pelvises aligned, he can penetrate easily and move back and forth in long, slow, motions that go deep, stroking your G-spot. His hands are also free to stimulate your breasts and clitoris. Meanwhile, you can luxuriate in how good each thrust feels while flexing your pelvic floor muscles to trigger a stronger orgasm, says Morse.

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Good morning missionary 

In those first minutes after waking up, it can be hard to shake off sleep and summon your energy. That’s where this twist on missionary comes in, says Morse. Roll on your back, grab a pillow, and prop it up under your butt. Bring your knees first to your chest, then put your legs up so they rest on your partner’s shoulders.

As you lie back in a half-sleep, half-awake state, your partner can take the reins and propel the bumping and grinding. With your bodies close, his energy will help inspire yours, and having your legs in the air helps stretch them out and prompt energizing blood flow. This version of missionary also focuses on emotional closeness. “In missionary, you’re making eye contact; it’s sweet and brings you together for the day,” she says.

Bottoms up

If morning breath keeps you from enjoying morning sex, than this doggy-style position is for you. Lie on your belly, then tilt your hips up and back; this tilt changes the angle of penetration, switching up the sensations you normally feel when your partner enters you from behind. It also allows your bodies to be physically closer than usual, boosting the sense of intimacy. Plus, you can still reach down to touch your clitoris, so you climax more quickly.

Oral in the a.m.

Who says sex is defined by penetration? As soon as your partner wakes, place your hands on their head and gently guide them down between your legs, draping a bed sheet or comforter over your bodies to maximize closeness, as if you’re even more wrapped up in each other.

Another oral idea: Maneuver yourselves into the 69 position so you can pleasure yourselves simultaneously. Both of these oral sex moves can feel a little bold, but “surprising acts of oral never disappoint anyone,” says Morse. And since you’re more likely to have an orgasm via oral sex, the action promises to be fast and intense.

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Shower power

You’re both heading to the shower this morning anyway, right? This time, step into the shower together and get down and dirty before you get clean. Since full-on penetration in the shower isn’t easy to pull off if you two have a big height difference, consider skipping intercourse in favor of lathering up and using your hands and mouths to pleasure yourselves, suggests Morse. “

You both don’t need to have orgasms. We think this is necessary, but it isn’t,” she says. All that matters is that you’re touching, kissing, and enjoying each other—and you’ll start your day off with a bang.

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