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Tess Holliday Posts Relatable Photo for All Moms


If you’re a mom, we bet you’re nodding right now.

Tess Holliday doesn’t hold anything back when promoting body positivity and shutting down unrealistic beauty standards. And she’s equally honest when it comes to the ups and downs of being mom to a toddler—which she recently showed us in the most relatable Instagram post featuring her adorable young son, Bowie.

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“‘Me time?’ What’s that? I don’t know her,” Holliday wrote alongside a photo of Bowie sitting next to her at the nail salon, here leg up and feet bare.

We’re used to seeing celebrities post me-time photos while they’re catching rays by the ocean or relaxing at a spa, but Holliday refuses to sugarcoat her reality.

Her openness about carving out time for Bowie and herself has made her a hero to many of her followers, which was clear from their comments.

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“Thank you for being such a positive influence for moms and girls everywhere,” one user commented. Another fan said she shares Holliday’s struggle. “Ugh, tell me about it mama. By the time we get ‘me’ time, it’s nod off while trying to fight to stay awake time.”

This isn’t the first time Bowie has disrupted his mom’s self-care routine. In July, Holliday posted a photo of her son in the tub with her while she was trying to enjoy a bath. She posted the snap to show how “funny and ridiculous” motherhood is.

Being a parent is nowhere near easy, and whenever you see someone on social media who makes it look like it is, remember Holliday’s realness.

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