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Iskra Lawrence’s Go-to Breakfast Is Packed With Protein – Food


In the last few months, Iskra Lawrence has been serving up heaps of inspiration through her body-positive Instagram posts, self-love TED talk, and Aerie Real campaigns. Now she’s providing some serious breakfast inspo too.

This morning the model posted a pic of her go-to a.m. meal: two slices of toast topped with mashed avocado, eggs, tomatoes, and pine nuts. “Lots of you ask what I eat so I’d thought I’d share my fave breakfast with you all,” she wrote in the caption. “[I]t’s super easy, nutritious and delicious.”

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A breakfast that’s simple, healthy, and involves avocados? Yes, please! 

Luck for us, Lawrence included step-by-step instructions for her take on avo toast: 

1. First, fry or poach an egg. (Need some pointers on poaching? Check out this guide.)

2. Toast your preferred bread (she likes sourdough) and spread on some coconut oil.

3. Mash up a whole avocado or half (depending on your a.m. hunger level), and squeeze lemon or lime juice into the bowl.

4. Spread the avocado on the toast and top with the egg, pine nuts, salt and pepper—or anything else you choose. (Lawrence adds cherry tomatoes when she has them in her fridge.)

Packed with protein and fiber, this quick meal will help you power through ’til lunch.

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