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How to Make Healthier Taco Salad – Food


Healthy and satisfying dinners don’t require hours in the kitchen or tons of fancy ingredients. There are plenty of simple meals that only need a couple of components and a few minute of your time. One example is this Mexican taco salad from My Recipes. The dish is one of their top-rated recipes on the site, so it’s sure to hit the spot! Learn how to make the quick and nutritious meal yourself by watching this video.

To make the taco salad, begin by heating up your skillet at medium-high heat. Next, add ground beef, chopped bell peppers, and two cups of salsa. Then bring it all to a boil. Once it’s sizzling, mix in some cilantro and lower the heat enough to keep it warm without over-cooking the dish.

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On a plate, serve up some chopped romaine lettuce, and top with the hot beef and pepper mix. Then layer tomatoes, cheese, crumbled tortilla chips, and green onions. Then finish the whole dish off with a spoonful of salsa and a generous squeeze of lime juice. That’s it!

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One of the great things about this dish is it’s totally versatile and easy customize. Make it vegetarian by swapping the ground beef for black beans. Or add a protein-rich grain with a scoop of quinoa. You can also include a healthy fat by topping your salad with some sliced avocado or dollop of guacamole!

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