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Fool Yourself Full: 4 New Fiber Finds


Decades of research on the health benefits of fiber have found that it helps the GI tract, cuts cholesterol, stabilizes blood sugar, and can help prevent several chronic diseases. Despite this, nine out of 10 of us don’t get our daily fill of fiber. Myself included—and I’m a dietitian! I don’t get anywhere near the 20 to 35 grams a day that I need!

Fiber’s health benefits are amazing, but I really want more in my diet to temper my appetite. Because fiber adds zero-calorie bulk to food it makes a lower-calorie diet more satisfying. If you eat fiber-filled food your stomach’s so-called “stretch” receptors tell the brain that it’s satisfied, when you really haven’t had that many calories. In essence, it’s like fooling yourself full.

Which brings me to these fiber-filled and delicious finds that I’ve been putting in my shopping cart lately:

Progresso World Recipes Tortilla y Pollo Soup: Thanks to all the veggies they pack into the cans, this has three grams of fiber. I also like that it has 6 grams of protein (also filling) in just 110 calories. I find that having a bowl of broth-based soup as an afternoon snack really helps banish any cravings for junk food.

Special K with Added Fiber: In the past, this puffed rice filled me up about as much as air did. Now, however, several flavors of the cereal have a respectable three grams of fiber per serving. What I like about Special K is the ¾-cup serving size; granola and other cereals stuff the calories into a puny ¼-cup serving size.


Brownberry Health-full 10 Grain Bread: This new bread is one of the best I’ve seen. It has five grams of protein per slice (just one shy of an egg!) and four grams of fiber. You get all that nutrition in just an 80-calorie slice.

Fiber One Complete Pancake Mix: I’ve recently discovered this pancake mix, which has five grams of fiber per serving and keeps sugars in check. The pancake mix even has six grams of protein thanks to the dehydrated egg whites.


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