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Foodie Friday: French Meadow Bakery Cinnamon Raisin Bread – Food


I’m a carboholic, but I try to choose whole-wheat whenever possible. Though I was skeptical, this sweet, gluten-free bread is hearty, healthy, and absolutely delicious.

The product: French Meadow Bakery Gluten-Free Cinnamon Raisin Bread. ($5; available at grocery stores nationwide)

The taste factor: Sweet, with substance. I love the sweetness of cinnamon breads, but they often leave me hungry in a matter of minutes. This bread had the thicker texture of whole-wheat varieties, with plenty of raisins and the perfect sprinkling of cinnamon. I toasted mine and enjoyed it with a light spread of butter. Delicious!

The health factor: At 150 calories a slice, this bread is not exactly a calorie bargain. However, it does contain 2 grams of fiber and protein. But the best part is this bread contains only 2 grams of sugar and gets its signature sweet flavor through the addition of cinnamon and a bit of honey. With lots of bread off limits, those with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease will appreciate the fact that they can devour this snack too.

And for those who are looking for more fiber and protein, French Meadow also makes a heartier multigrain flavor.

Why we love it: This bread tastes fresh, just like you stopped by your local bakery. And with minimal added sugar, this is a sweet dessert (or breakfast) that won’t do too much damage to your waistline.

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