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6 Fitness Stars’ Gym Pet Peeves


Going to the gym can be really rewarding physically and mentally, but it’s still a public space where people’s annoying habits are on full display. Watch the video to hear fitness icons like Tracy Anderson dish on their gym pet peeves.

Whether it’s someone hogging the elliptical or a stationary bike seat coated in sweat, we all have gym pet peeves that get under our skin in a major way. And fitness influencers certainly aren’t immune to these annoyances. Watch this video to learn what six stars absolutely can’t stand at the gym. 

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No time to watch? Here’s a sneak peek at their answers:

“I’m a germ freak, so anything dirty or sweaty.” —Denise Austin

“Someone talking on the phone.” —Kristin McGee

“Air conditioning.” —Tracy Anderson

“I’m not a big makeup girl, and if I’m working out, I’m working out. I’m not going to the gym to be pretty. So when I see people with their hair down and makeup on and a little bra, I’m like: ‘Girl, just get sweaty and do what you need to do.’” —Misty Copeland

“I don’t feel the most comfortable in a gym, that is a huge pet peeve. And that’s why I mostly stick to at-home workouts.” —Katie Austin

“People having any kind of superior attitude towards others or over others. Everyone that’s coming into a room, showing up for their health, should be for each other.” —Tracy Anderson

“My biggest pet peeve in the yoga studio or in the gym is sending self-hate to other people.” —Jessamyn Stanley

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